Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alena Strickland, Super Mom

We were blessed to spend some time with Alena Strickland and her family!

You might remember Alena from a previous From the Heart segment. She has made over 112 special needs foster kids part of her family for more than twenty years. She's also adopted six of those kids and become legal guardian to two others, in addition to her three biological children. And if a full house wasn't enough to keep this family busy, Alena works with Child Share, an organization that works with foster families and children in need.

(Photo courtesy of People magazine)

Would you like to bless the lives of kids in need? Child Share needs your help! They are collecting gifts and gift cards for these very special kids. The kids will receive the Christmas blessings at the Child Share Christmas party at Grace Hills Church in Aliso Viejo. You can help by providing $10 gift cards from places like Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, or movie passes from AMC or Regal Entertainment. Or you can donate new gifts- hot items are ipods, games, portable dvd players, bikes, scooters, and skateboards. These are just ideas to get started, and you can find more information by contacting Pamela Contreras-Hamm at

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks for listening! Here are the latest stories From the Heart:

1. Appreciation: The Teacher Story

Who has touched your life? Have you said thank you? Do they know how they blessed you, or have you only told other people?
John wrote a letter to a former teacher many years after he finished school. He found out that his letter was the first and only thank you she had received in fifty years in teaching.
You can find the rest of the story in The Simple Truths of Appreciation by Barbara Glanz.

2. Street Heat!

A band of police officers and firefighters takes a positive message to students with rock and roll!

Call Lt. Col. Carl Yates with the Jefferson County, Kentucky, Sheriff’s Department at (502) 558-1049 for more information.

3. Sunset Salute
Fifteen minutes before sunset, Marvin Hume stands at the base of a flag pole on Sunset Beach in New Jersey. He stands alongside a family that wishes to honor who wishes to honor a deceased loved one who served in the military.

4. Crazy Maisie

There's Maisie, and here's the pool she built by collecting cans for thirty years!
Visit !

5. Johnny the Bagger
This young man with Down's Syndrome revolutionized his workplace- a grocery store- when he put his loving fingerprint on his job of bagging groceries. Read Johnny's story in The Simple Truths of Service by Barbara Glanz
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Friday, November 16, 2007

New From the Heart- November 20th!

From the Heart is all new Tuesday, November 20th, at 6:30p!
Listen for all new inspiring stories- we'll have more details on Tuesday!
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st: Friendly Guys and Special Kids

Thanks for listening to From the Heart! Here are the details on the latest stories:

1. Good Mornin' Man!
Thad Davis greeted busy commuters in Providence, Rhode Island, with his handmade sign. He got quite a reaction- puzzled stares, casusal waves, questions, even media attention! He says, "I don't think I changed anybody's life, but I hope I made their day a little better."
How are YOU making someone's day a little better?

2. Blankets of Love

Students from kindergarten through high school put their hands and hearts together to make Valentine's Day a true day of love. The students make fleece blankets with letters of encouragement for children battling serious illnesses. The results are comforted hearts and inspired givers. Want to be part of Blankets of Love? Contact Susie Gallegos at 626-966-8675.

3. No-Email Friday!
What would life be like without memos, greetings, or chain-letter forwards? Jay Ellison, executive vice president of U.S. Cellular wanted to find out. He declared no-email Fridays and encouraged employees to do something crazy- TALK to each other instead of sending a rushed, impersonal electronic message. Now co-workers are getting to know one another and communication is improving. How would you benefit from a no-email Friday?

4. Super Mom
Orange County mom Alena Strickland demonstrates how we can all be a hero to someone. For 22 years, she's been a hero to over 112 children with special needs! Alena has provided foster care and even adopted children with special medical and emotional needs from lives of abuse. Now she's part of Child Share, and organization that finds homes and support for kids in Southern California. To find out more details and how to be involved, visit

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