Thursday, January 31, 2008


1. Gracie Mae Makes It Home Again
10-month-old Gracie Mae got zipped into her owner's suitcase, flew from Florida to Texas, and then was discovered after a stranger accidentally grabbed the wrong luggage at baggage claim!!! She's now safely home with her family. Yay!

2. Soothing Homeless Soles
Voluneers at a church in Virginia serve a meal to the homeless every week, and also wash their feet! Here's the link to watch this inspiring video:

3. Pennies From Heaven
After 16-year-old Katie Rowland died in a car accident, her family began collecting pennies in her honor. To date, they've raised over $20,ooo to help drill water wells in Africa and save lives.

4. The Birthday Lady
Every day, Diane Heinen writes the names of residents who are having birthdays on the windows of the local service station in Valley Falls, Kansas. You'll never forget a birthday in this town!

5. Tails Of Hope
Kelly Moyer founded Tails of Hope to help find loving homes for animals whose previous owners died or entered care facilities. Here's the link for more info:

Here's Puddin' Head, one of the kitties that found a new home through Tails of Hope!

And here's beautiful Leo!

If you have questions or story ideas, please email us at Also, if you're interested in getting involved and giving your time, money, etc. to a wonderful cause, a great place to start is by scrolling through our past blogs and perusing all the different stories we've done. We're honored to spotlight these amazing people!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More on Canine Partners for Life!

We talked about Adele (scroll down to read about her—she’s a dog with a special power!) on our latest segment of From The Heart. Frank was so impressed that he’s invited the Executive Director of Canine Partners for Life (where Adele came from) on his show Friday at 5:30 p.m. PST! You can check out the Frank Pastore Show and listen live at 99.5 KKLA or

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Turn up your volume and meet Nicolai, a teenager who climbed a mountain to raise money for people who need wheelchairs. You can also find more info on him here:

Big Hearts Change Lives

1. Marty and Adele

Adele is a one-of-a-kind service dog! She helps her owner, Marty Harris, by alerting her before she suffers symptoms of a chronic fainting disorder. Adele cues Marty with a gentle nudge or even sitting on her lap, allowing Marty to literally sit out symptoms caused by an irregular heartbeat. Since Adele joined her life in 2006, Marty has only fainted once- and only because she ignored Adele's wise warning! Adele is trained to help with small tasks, and here she is picking up the phone.

2. Kennedy's Kisses for Kaeden

Kennedy was six years old when her brother, Kaeden, was born with heart defects that required multiple surgeries. When it was time to celebrate his first birthday, Kennedy suggested that they collect donations for the Penn State Children's Hospital instead of gifts. The response was overwhelming, and Kennedy kept going! She recruited friends and began Kisses for Kaeden, an organization that has now raised raised over $40,000 so far for a variety of nonprofit organizations.

Find out more about Kennedy and her cause at

3. Laptops for the Wounded

Military mom Laura Brown discovered a challenge- many recovering soldiers are unable to communicate freely with their families due to technological limitations. Laura began "Laptops for the Wounded" to provide laptop computers to these soldiers while they are in the hospital. So far, they've provided forty computers to military hospitals around the country. Wounded soldiers can now communicate by email and even use webcams to see family members.

You can donate money, laptops, playstations and games…there are also links to a virtual shopping mall, where a portion of the proceeds will go to help buy laptops.

4. The Rose Man

85-year-old Willard Campbell loves to grow roses, but what he loves most is giving them away. Every week he blesses hospital and nursing home patients with the flowers- about 25,000 roses a year.

Thanks for listening! Now.... go change the world!