Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tres, Mike, and Beth- different kind of heroes

Tonight's stories feature special individuals who are changing lives in unique ways.

1. Tres
Tres was rescued from severe abuse to recover and learn to live with only three legs. As if that weren't enough to keep a dog busy, Tres also became a licensed therapy dog! Now he helps hospitalized children, prisoners, and even other abandoned huskies. His owner, Scott, has more information on his website, http://www.scottski.net/.

2. Mike's Handcarved Canes
When Mike Hunter received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, it progressed quickly. He needed a cane to get around, but couldn't find anything that worked for him. So he carved his own! Now he's donated over 300 handcarved canes to improve life for other patients.

3. Camp Eureka

Meet Beth!

Beth Underwood had an illness as well- glaucoma that left her blind. Instead of allowing it to be a hinderance, Beth combined her experience with her love for outdoor education. She now operates Camp Eureka, a camp for blind children. The kids have an opportunity to experience nature, as well as learn from mentors who are also sight-impaired. Want to know more? Visit the website.

4. Inner City Slickers
Another very unique camp is closer to home in Agua Dulce, CA. Michael McMeel created a place where inner city kids could discover Old West values- perseverance, courage, responsibility, respect, kindness, and hard work. And while they're at it, maybe learn to ride a horse and twirl some ropes. Take a virtual tour, check out the programs, or get involved at http://www.innercityslickers.org/!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Tails of Hope and Things to Come

We've gotten some inquiries regarding a past story about Tails of Hope, an organization that finds homes for pets with terminally ill owners. Kelly Moyer founded Illinois-based Tails of Hope five years ago when her own father lost his fight with cancer and needed a new home for his cat. Since then, she's helped place over 1,200 pets who've lost their owners to terminal illness! You can find more about Tails of Hope on their website, http://www.tailsofhope.org/.

If you're looking for local resources, check out these terrific pet rescue organizations:http://www.kittenrescue.org/http://www.brittanyfoundation.homestead.com/

And while we're talking animals, check out Tres, a three-legged therapy dog!

We'll be talking about Tres and his incredible story on the next segment of From the Heart, on Tuesday, October 16th, at 6:30p. Catch us on 99.5 fm, KKLA, or live from the web by following the link on our homepage!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Football, Feeding, and Faith

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Here's more info on tonight's stories....

1. Tucker and the PanthersThis Pennsylvania high school football team is changing seven-year-old Tucker's life. They've made him an honorary Panther, complete with his own locker and uniform. He can beat cancer with his whole team behind him!

2. Mission PossibleThese business cards can help you share your faith! Check out these websites for more details:www.missionpossiblecards.comwww.allaboutgod.com (set up a blog and share your testimony!)

3. Feeding Lost SheepJody Seguine (a mom of six!) feeds the hungry every Tuesday night at a park in Westminster, CA. If you join her, be prepared to give up your coat and shoes to someone in need! Interested? Call Calvary Chapel Westgrove at 714-897-8972

4. Spoonful of HopeCheck out this great website! www.sohope.net

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