Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19th: The Joy of Helping Others

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1. Yard Duty in Tustin

Community members come together to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. After Mike Mullen's wife was diagnosed with cancer, Mike neglected everyday business, like yard work and home maintenance, in order to focus on her care. Sadly, Mike lost his wife after 8 years of battling the disease. When neighbors, church members, and even local boy scouts noticed that his yard needed work, they stepped up to provide the caring, helping hand.

You can find more details at

2. Honoring His Fallen Son

61-year-old Bill Krissoff enlisted as a lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserves medical corps in honor of his son, Nathan, a Marine who lost his life while serving in Iraq. You can find the full story at,1,7217252.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

3. Night Alarm

The family cat wouldn't let Abby Shaw sleep! After many midnight annoyances, Abby found out she had sleep apnea. Maggie, the cat, woke her up whenever she stopped breathing. Thanks to this feline alert, Abby is getting treatment- still under Maggie's watchful eye.

4. Nicolai Reaches the Top

13-year-old Nicolai wanted to raise money to send wheelchairs to the disabled in Tanzania. He decided to be creative and do it by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! However, Nicolai is also disabled- he was born with a right leg. People sponsored pennies for every foot of his climb- an amazing climb to 19,340 feet on crutches. Nicolai raised $75,000 for Free Wheelchair Mission- providing over 1,000 wheelchairs!

Check out their website for a beautiful photo slideshow and how you can support Nicolai's campaing for Free Wheelchair Mission!

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5. Tynsy's Miracle Bears

Tynsy, a seamstress in Oklahoma, creates teddy bears to comfort grieving hearts. The bears are carefully handmade from a piece of clothing from a loved one who has passed away. For more information, check out

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Favors Unlimited

We received this email the other day. Check it out:

I just heard your show for the first time. Not sure why I was even scanning as I rarely change radio stations but glad I did.
Anyway, the show was about the lady who has helped or adopted over 100 needy children. Wow! she is truly an angel!
The main reason I am contacting you is to see if you can help in anyway spread the word about our site. It is a site that helps people help others. It's a long story but we originally launched 7 years ago, but the site eventually closed. However, we are back and want to continue where we left off, helping 100's of people help others all over the world.
In 2000 we were written up in Yahoo! Internet Magazine under, "Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things on the internet". The author of Pay It Forward, Catherine Ryan Hyde played a huge role in supporting our site with links on her foundation page and local radio and newspress media assisted with articles and an advertising.
Any help, suggestions, ideas, ect. would be highly appreciated.
Chris Morency
Please Visit Us At FavorsUnlimited
Helping People Help Others All Over the World

Thanks for your email, Chris!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Ripple Effect of Giving

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Caden sold rocks to help feed the homeless. What can you do where you are?


A wife's act of kindness grows into a Christmas tradition and changes an entire family. Nancy gave an inner-city student wrestling team new equipment in her husband's name. Then she explained this to her husband in a letter placed in a white envelope on the Christmas tree. Her alternative gift reignited his Christmas joy and inspired a new family tradition.


Another family read about the white envelope and started their own tradition of giving. This grew into a website and organization that continues to spread the gift of love.

Both of these stories can be found at Check out the website and see how you can do something!


Second Wind Dreams grants wishes to seniors. The organization has helped many nursing home residents experience life again and revived forgotten dreams. Check out Flossie, who got her first motorcycle ride for her 100th birthday!

See other fulfilled dreams and how you can be a part of the blessing at .


Korry Holtzlander found a homeless person in need and took the time to help. As word of his kindness spread, others came to Korry for assistance. He became a source of help and encouragement, one person at a time. He has provided jobs and housing for homeless and former inmates and helped them get back on their feet.

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