Thursday, March 13, 2008

From the Heart Stories

1. Luxury Tax

Pastor Jeff Wenke and the Journey Church in San Jose, CA developed a fun way to support World Vision in AIDS-devastaed Limpopo, Zimbabwe! Inspired by the Monopoly board game, they printed up Luxury Tax cards and taxed themselves for "luxuries" like running water, cell phones, and even nights out on the town- things that people in Limpopo can only dream about. They raised over $25,000 in one month and sponsored 100 World Vision children!

Find out more or contact Pastor Jeff at the Journey website,

2. Warm Hands

911 operator Toni Dukes found a way to warm the hands- and hearts- of San Francisco's homeless. She began purchasing and handing out gloves to homeless people, and soon friends and family supported her cause by helping her buy more gloves! For more details on Toni's project, check out

3. Home Cares

Mack Staley collects used medical equipment- wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and more that people no longer need. Then, through his Home Cares organization, he turns around and gives it away to someone in need! Read the details and find out how you can help at .


This website has information on dogs in shelters, along with how much time each dog has before they are euthanized. Please click on the site and help them!

This is Wilson, the precious boy we mentioned on the air. As of 3/27, he has 6 days left. Here's the link to his page on the site:

5. Welcome Home a Hero

Bert Brady gets up early almost every day to welcome home American troops as they arrive at the airport. Here's the link to see this inspiring video: