Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunset Beach Salute

In December 1941, Marvin Hume learned that 2 of his childhood friends had been killed during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Filled with pain, Marvin entered the military. He served in the U.S. Navy for three years and, during his missions, saw unforgettable images of death and destruction.

Marvin, who’s in his 80s now, doesn't talk much about those World War II images, but they’re at the heart of a memorial ceremony he’s conducted for over 30 years just outside a small beachside resort in New Jersey. It's a daily flag ceremony (from May--October) on Sunset Beach to honor the sacrifices of our nation's veterans.

Fifteen minutes before sunset, he stands at the base of a flagpole on Sunset Beach, alongside a family that wishes to honor a deceased loved one who served in the military. Marvin plays God Bless America and The Star-Spangled Banner over a loudspeaker system, and then helps members of the family lower the American flag while Taps is played.

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